Choice of a stone under color of eyes

  • Expressiveness of green-grey eyes is successfully emphasized by greenish shades of stones:
    agate, alexandrite, turquoise, light green beryl, green garnet (uvarovite), malachite, chrysoprase.
  • Chrysolite especially approaches to pistachio eyes.
  • Brown eyes perfectly are in harmony with cornelian and dark amber.
  • Golden eyes with golden topaz, heliotrope, orange hyacinth.
  • If an iris of the eye is sparkling it is necessary to select sparkling stone such as cat's or tiger's eyes.
  • Stones of the sated tones approach for black eyes : bright - blue turquoise, coral, emerald, the sated amethyst.
  • The blue stones do not match the blue eyes so much as supplementing this color orange and golden ones.
  • Very light, "icy" eyes find shine and expressiveness in comparison to brilliants of pure water; it is possible to recommend also other transparent stones (rock crystal), and also transparent semi-precious stones pale blue (a topaz, aquamarine), pale - lilac (amethyst) and a pale-green shade (chrysolite).
  • Radiant eyes of any color win in comparison to anyone starry stones creating effect
    3-, 4-, 6-or a 12-beam star.
  • Siberian charoit, bewitching game of the inclusions, approaches to all types of eyes without exception.


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